Phone Repair Alternative

Sometimes the cost of the repair makes carrying out the work uneconomical and it’s in both our and your interest to look at an alternative solution. Samsung phones for example have a particularly high screen cost which depending on other factors such as network agreement and early upgrade fee it may be worth trading your phone to us for parts. Then we can combine the scrap value of your phone with the original cost of the repair to form a budget to offer your network. We can handle all the negotiations with the network to free you from your existing agreement and then re commit you with them or a new network on a new deal with most importantly a brand new phone. This process is commonly referred to as a buyout or early upgrade.

Another option would be to look at replacing your phone with a new phone or a refurbished handset which we sell at discounted rates. Price and availability of a suitable replacement mobile will play a part in your decision, but this method is often the quickest way of getting you back on line with a working phone. In our Sunderland store we regularly stock a wide selection of refurbished iPhones and Samsung Galaxy as well as other popular android models. All our refurbished phones come with a 6 month warranty for peace of mind. What’s more you can trade in your old broken mobile which we have deemed beyond economical repair to cover some of the cost of your replacement. When trading in your old faulty mobile for a small additional fee we can transfer all of the content from your broken unit the new phone. Of course this is not always possible and depends on the issue with your old phone.